BIT RATE Capacity Units Cost (per year) NOTES
24 k/bit per sec 18 £1,350 DAB+ only (mono)
32 k/bit per sec 24 £1,800 DAB+ only (mono)
40 k/bit per sec 30 £2,250 DAB+ only
48 k/bit per sec 36 £2,700 DAB+ only
64 k/bit per sec 48 £3,600 DAB+ or DAB (mono)
80 k/bit per sec 58 £4,350 DAB (mono)
96 k/bit per sec 70 £5,250 DAB (mono)
112 k/bit per sec 84 £6,300 DAB (joint stereo/mono)
128 k/bit per sec 96 £7,200 DAB (joint stereo)
160 k/bit per sec 116 £8,700 DAB (stereo)
192 k/bit per sec 140 £10,500 DAB (stereo)

The above rates are quoted inclusive of a 50% discount applicable to organisations with an annual turnover of less than £1 million.

This rate card is currently based on a charge of £75.00 (ex. VAT) per capacity unit per year. Figures above exclude VAT, are correct as at November 2020 and are subject to future revision.

The above figures are the standard rate charged by Cambridge Digital Radio Limited for carriage on the Cambridge DAB multiplex. For example, these are the charges that would typically apply to services broadcast by established commercial broadcasters such as those holding national commercial licences (analogue or digital) and / or local commercial licences (analogue or digital).

The rates above are for the transmission of “broadcast ready” programme streams with the broadcaster providing encoding / text / pictures in a form which can be fed into the multiplexer without further alteration. Cambridge Digital Radio Limited can provide these and other services and support at additional cost.

Discount Factors: Cambridge Digital Radio Limited may, solely at its own discretion and in light of its operational own circumstances, choose to offer individual discounts on the above figures for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Broadcaster holds an analogue Community Radio Licence
  • Broadcaster holds a digital (C-DSP) Community Radio Licence